Friends and Family: Non-Owner Occupied Condo Coverage

Condominiums often go through a variety of purposes over the years, each of which requires a review of insurance coverage depending on who’s living in the space.

Keeping Your Insurance Up to Date with Your Condo Usage

It’s also important to consider whether the owner is residing in the condo, renting it to others including friends and family, or simply allowing them to live there for a period of time. Examples might include a home for a student dependent during school years, a home for elderly parents to live nearby or visit, or a place for friends to live once the owner has bought a house. While the financial arrangements for each case are up to you and whoever’s living there, they will most likely determine the kind of insurance coverage required. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we’re your local source for condo insurance in South Kingstown, RI and other nearby towns.

Are You a Landlord, or Just a Friend or Relative?

As condo owners providing short-term rentals on the open market have discovered, defining your role as a non-resident owner can be a challenge. You’ve probably heard stories of how friends and family make arrangements, leaving the terms loosely defined, and discover that the simple fact of people occupying your property allows them specific rights and, for you, responsibilities and liabilities. You may also face compliance issues with a local condo association, which could guide how you define your relationships with the occupants.

Consult With Us

At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you adjust your coverage to make sure you’re protected from year to year. We’ll consider factors like who’s living in your South Kingstown, RI property, for how long, and how the state of Rhode Island defines your legal relationship each time.