Business Income Insurance in Rhode Island

If you are located in South Kingstown, RI, or another nearby community and a small business owner, it is time to invest in business income insurance today. Kingston Insurance Agency LLC offers business income insurance protection to business owners who want to be protected in unexpected events.

What is Business Income Insurance?

Should your business be forced to close due to weather or an accident that is out of your control, you have the option to maintain business income temporarily. This claim will allow you to maintain the payroll for your employees until your business is open again and cleared from any damages. An example would be a strong wind blowing through your town and a tree landing on your business. While your business is out of work due to damages, you can maintain your payroll and maintain employee retention.

Neighboring Business Causing Disruptions

Suppose you have your business located in a joint space or a unit that neighbors directly with another business. Accidents that happen within that business could potentially affect yours. Without business income protection, you cannot make up the average business income coming into the business and maintaining payroll.

What Are Payouts Generated From

When you claim business income insurance, your agent will review past expense reports and current business income before the accident. Based upon that data, you will receive a financial assistance check that allows you to maintain the payroll checks for your employees and keep your business afloat financially until you can get the doors open again.

Get Your Business Income Protection Today

If you are a small business owner in Rhode Island, it is time to purchase this policy if you have not already. Our agents at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC are ready to assist you with the insurance you need and give you calm peace of mind.