Workers Compensation in Rhode Island

Kingston Insurance Agency LLC Offers Rhode Island Workers Compensation Insurance

Setting up your business for success means paying attention to details that can affect your bottom line. Workers compensation insurance is an important part of protecting both your workers and your business from financial losses. At Kingston Insurance Agency in South Kingstown, RI, we can help business owners navigate the confusing issue of workers' compensation insurance.

Why You Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Each business has its own exposure to risk. Accidents can occur, and injuries to workers can bring lawsuits and medical costs. Workers' compensation insurance was designed to cover these incidents. When a worker is injured on the job or becomes ill due to the working environment, the insurance covers the medical costs and wages that may be lost during the recovery period.

How Workers Compensation Insurance Works

Workers' compensation insurance provides a set protocol for handling worker injuries and illnesses. The employer must report the incident to the insurance company, and a specific doctor or medical facility is assigned. All care provided to the employee is then recorded. The insurance provider will also allow wages lost due to the injury or illness to be paid for the recovery duration. If a serious accident occurs, other measures are provided for the employee and his or her family.

Acquiring Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance premiums are determined by the type of business and risk exposure. An insurance agent can help you to find the right category for your business. In this way, you can manage the costs of insurance to stay within your budgeting needs.

Choose Kingston Insurance Agency LLC for Your Workers Compensation Insurance

Your insurance agent has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the often-confusing details of business insurance. We provide a variety of policies for home, auto, RVs, boats, and business needs. Contact Kingston Insurance Agency today for a free, no-obligation quote on Workers Compensation Insurance that will protect your employees and your business.