Why Your Business May Need Recreational Insurance

If you operate a business that involves outdoor recreational activities, you must have the right insurance coverage. Recreational insurance is specifically designed to cover businesses that offer recreational activities. This insurance type is crucial; no recreational business should be without it. Contact the Kingston Insurance Agency LLC in South Kingstown, RI for your insurance needs.

Outdoor Businesses

A wide range of outdoor activity businesses are available, from kayaking and rock climbing to hiking. These activities are highly enjoyable, but they are not without risks. All customers who participate in these activities face potential dangers. Recreational insurance is available to help mitigate risks for your business. It can cover accidents and injuries incurred during these activities. This insurance is also applicable to indoor recreational businesses such as rock wall climbing and indoor skydiving.

Liability Risks

The primary risk for your business when offering these activities is liability for accidents. Recreational insurance can cover the medical bills and other costs resulting from a customer’s injury. If an accident causes a customer to lose wages, the policy can compensate those lost wages. It can also cover legal costs associated with the accident. It is crucial to always have this insurance because injuries can occur at any time and place. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity for an accident to happen.

Get Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance is a necessity if you operate a business of this kind. Ensure that you are always covered by calling us at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC in South Kingstown, RI.

Kingston Insurance Agency’s Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Rhode Island

When motorcycle riders in the South Kingstown, RI region meet with Kingston Insurance Agency LLC representatives, they can find policies that best suit their personal needs. Unfortunately, some common pitfalls arise once it comes time to zero in on the proper policy. Thanks to the following guide, you can avoid them with ease!

Auto Insurance Policies Are Not Always Inclusive

Many riders will make the mistake of assuming that their current policy also offers coverage for their motorcycle. This is not always the case, especially if you have not taken the time to include specific language to this effect. In most instances, you will need to purchase separate policies for an automobile and a motorcycle. Ask the experts if any bundling options are available.

Borrowing a Motorcycle Could Lead to Calamity

Other riders may assume they are covered when they borrow a friend’s motorcycle. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If the bike is only insured in their name, you are not protected if an accident takes place. The same principle will typically apply if you make the mistake of lending your motorcycle to a friend who is not listed on your insurance policy.

Canceling Policies In The Winter Is Not Always Wise

Those who choose to cancel their policies once the weather turns are placing themselves at risk. While the same liability risks may not exist once the motorcycle is not being used regularly, that does not mean that the same off-road risks do not apply. In many instances, canceling a policy during the cold weather months is an avoidable mistake.

Motorcyclists in South Kingstown, RI, who have additional questions or concerns are welcome to visit Kingston Insurance Agency LLC as soon as possible. Contact our team of professionals so that we can help you understand the policy options that are currently available to you.

How Your Other Policies Help Gauge Umbrella Insurance

Living in South Kingstown, RI, having a few assets is common. Maybe you own your vehicle, a home, or anything else. When that’s the case, those assets can create liabilities if something goes wrong and you get sued.

You can consider an umbrella policy to help cover you in such a case. How much umbrella insurance do you need? The answer to that question depends partly on your other insurance policies. Fortunately, Kingston Insurance Agency LLC has a quick guide to help.

The Purpose of Umbrella Insurance

Gauging umbrella insurance makes some sense just by thinking about how it works. After all, umbrella insurance does not function on its own. Instead, it’s designed specifically to supplement liability coverage from your other policies.

If you get into an auto accident, umbrella insurance only kicks in after the auto policy is exhausted. If you have a liability issue with your home, it’s the same story. The primary insurance works first.

Filling in the Gaps

With this in mind, you can start by looking at the liability coverage in your other policies. Where does it cap, and how much does that leave you vulnerable? 

Naturally, the answer to this question depends on the value of your assets. If you have six figures of coverage and seven figures of assets, you need an umbrella policy to fill those gaps.

Remember one thing. You do not need multiple umbrella policies. A single umbrella policy will supplement your auto insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, etc. The only time you need an additional umbrella policy is to cover non-personal assets (such as a policy for a business you own).

If you want the best picture of the right umbrella policy for you and your lifestyle, have an easy conversation with your Kingston Insurance Agency LLC representative. They can help you identify your assets and coverage in South Kingstown, RI, and craft a policy from there.

Why South Kingstown Residents Need Umbrella Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

The Exciting Life in South Kingstown, WI

Whether you love engaging in DIY projects at home, venturing out to explore the town, or sailing across the serene waterways, South Kingstown, WI provides a vibrant life. Amidst these thrilling activities, it’s crucial to have adequate insurance coverage. And that’s where umbrella insurance, a critical albeit often neglected component of an insurance suite, steps in. Allow our Kingston Insurance Agency LLC experts to illustrate why it’s so crucial.

The Remarkable Power of Umbrella Insurance

Imagine a scenario where an accident exceeds your regular insurance policy limits, a reality that’s always a possibility, given how unpredictable costs associated with accidents can be. That’s where an umbrella policy shines. It’s designed to cover what your regular insurance policies, such as homeowners, auto, and watercraft insurance, cannot.

In a scenario where a policy covers $10,000 of damage, and an accident results in $20,000 of damage, an umbrella policy would cover the remaining difference. Without this umbrella insurance, you’ll have to bear these costs, which can be disastrous for your finances.

Achieving Sufficient Coverage

The coverage limit on your umbrella policy should be individualized based on your personal circumstances, habits, and existing policy coverage. Lighter umbrella coverage could suffice if your other policies already offer comprehensive coverage. However, if your regular policies only provide the bare minimum, having a hefty umbrella policy might be prudent.

Let Kingston Insurance Agency LLC Assist You

There’s no need to venture into the world of umbrella insurance alone. Our team at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC will accompany you every step of the way and assist in choosing the right umbrella insurance policy for you in South Kingstown, RI. Contact us today to receive a commitment-free quote.

How Can I Be Sure My Flood Insurance Is Adequate?

Flood insurance is an important type of insurance if you live in a high-risk flood area. Since homeowners insurance won’t cover damage due to floods, getting a flood insurance policy is the only way to protect yourself from the costs associated with repairing a home after a flood.

At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, servicing South Kingstown, RI, we’re here to answer your questions about flood insurance and help ensure your flood insurance policy is adequate for your needs. We’re a resource for our customers, and we’re also the subject matter experts on everything related to insurance. If you’re trying to decide whether your flood insurance policy is right for you, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a type of insurance that can repair your home that a flood has damaged. Flood insurance covers direct physical losses to your home’s structure following a flood. Flood insurance also provides coverage if your belongings are damaged by a flood as well. 

Flood Insurance is a type of insurance that the National Flood Insurance Program offers. 

How Can I Be Sure My Flood Insurance Is Adequate?

When you’re getting flood insurance for your home, you’ll work with your insurance agent to ensure adequate flood insurance coverage. The National Flood Insurance Program places limits on how much it will cover for structure and belongings, so if the coverage offered by the NFIP isn’t enough, your insurance agent may recommend getting a policy from a private flood insurance provider. 

Have questions? Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, servicing South Kingstown, RI, can help. We offer various insurance services and are happy to answer your questions. Call today.

Friends and Family: Non-Owner Occupied Condo Coverage

Condominiums often go through a variety of purposes over the years, each of which requires a review of insurance coverage depending on who’s living in the space.

Keeping Your Insurance Up to Date with Your Condo Usage

It’s also important to consider whether the owner is residing in the condo, renting it to others including friends and family, or simply allowing them to live there for a period of time. Examples might include a home for a student dependent during school years, a home for elderly parents to live nearby or visit, or a place for friends to live once the owner has bought a house. While the financial arrangements for each case are up to you and whoever’s living there, they will most likely determine the kind of insurance coverage required. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we’re your local source for condo insurance in South Kingstown, RI and other nearby towns.

Are You a Landlord, or Just a Friend or Relative?

As condo owners providing short-term rentals on the open market have discovered, defining your role as a non-resident owner can be a challenge. You’ve probably heard stories of how friends and family make arrangements, leaving the terms loosely defined, and discover that the simple fact of people occupying your property allows them specific rights and, for you, responsibilities and liabilities. You may also face compliance issues with a local condo association, which could guide how you define your relationships with the occupants.

Consult With Us

At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you adjust your coverage to make sure you’re protected from year to year. We’ll consider factors like who’s living in your South Kingstown, RI property, for how long, and how the state of Rhode Island defines your legal relationship each time.

Should Married Couples Combine Their Auto Insurance?

Kingston Insurance Agency LLC wants South Kingstown, RI residents to fully understand how marriage could help them save money on their auto insurance. Conventional wisdom says married couples save on their premiums if they combine their coverage into a single insurance policy, but there’s a huge caveat to this.

Both Spouses Need a Superb Driving Record

 Combining insurance only works to lower a married couple’s premiums if both have a good driving record. If one spouse has a DUI, DWI, or lost points from their license, they would probably raise the premiums of the spouse with a clean record.

Why Do Married Couples Earn Lower Rates?

The insurance industry conducts complex statistical studies to determine the risk levels of groups of individuals. This actuarial study results in certain situations providing a person or couple with potential savings in the form of discounts or lower premiums. Married individuals typically engage in lower-risk activities. This lowers the risk of insuring them, so insurance companies pass along the savings.

How to Handle a Spouse with a Bad Driving Record

Before you get married, every couple should speak with one another honestly about matters that could affect their finances, creditworthiness, or insurability. The number one thing that marriage counselors say couples fight about – money – can prove easy to deal with if you remain upfront with one another. Reveal DUIs or DWIs, unlike the character Fritz from “The Closer,” who hid his DUIs from Brenda. Keep your coverage separate until the spouse with a bad driving record repairs their record.

Contact Us for an Auto Insurance Review

Whether you’re about to tie the knot or you’ve been married for years, let Kingston Insurance Agency LLC uncover ways you could save on your auto insurance premiums. Contact us today for an appointment, South Kingstown, RI residents!

Getting Into Jet Ski Racing? Get Yourself Insured

At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we can provide South Kingstown, RI residents with great boating insurance that covers your Jet Skis. If you’re getting into racing and want to keep yourself safe, there are many policies that you can consider that should make sure you understand your options here.

The Importance of Boating Protection

Boating insurance provides a high-quality and unique level of protection that keeps watercraft safe. They’re designed to cover a broad array of different boat types like speed boats, fishing trawlers, yachts, and even Jet Skis. They can keep your vehicle safe while you’re on the water.

Basic boat coverage can help with things like collisions, vehicle damage, liability issues, and more. Specialized and personalized racing policies focus specifically on the unique challenges and dangers of racing. They can provide a long-term solution that makes sense for your needs.

Specialized Racing Insurance is Available 

Boating insurance provides a diverse and unique level of protection that can keep your Jet Ski safe. There are many racing types that you might enjoy, such as closed- and open-course racing, as well as freestyle and hydrodrags. Racing insurance can protect you, no matter what race you set up.

It’s important to research your options here to choose a policy that suits your needs. For example, there are some that focus specifically on Jet Skis, so do your research to get great coverage. Just as importantly, make sure you do your shopping to find a price that makes sense for your needs.

We’re Here to Help You

Our crew at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC can provide South Kingstown, RI residents with the important boating coverage they need to keep their Jet Skis safe while they’re racing. Contact us so that you can get a strong policy that makes sense for your specific needs.

How Classic Car Insurance Protects Spare Parts and Accessories

Classic car enthusiasts in and around South Kingstown, RI spend countless hours and resources restoring, maintaining, and customizing their treasured vehicles. These classic cars are often fitted with rare spare parts and unique accessories that enhance their authenticity and performance. This is when classic car insurance becomes beneficial. 

Key Benefits of Classic Car Insurance for Spare Parts and Accessories

  • Spare Parts Coverage: Classic car owners often accumulate a collection of spare parts over the years to ensure the longevity and authenticity of their vehicles. Classic car insurance can cover the cost of these spare parts in the event of loss or damage. This helps maintain the historical accuracy and performance of the car.
  • Accessory Protection: Many classic car enthusiasts invest in unique accessories and add-ons to enhance the appearance and functionality of their vehicles. Classic car insurance can protect these accessories from loss or damage, whether it’s a custom grille, period-correct tires, or vintage interior furnishings.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: Classic car insurance policies often provide agreed value coverage. This means that the insurer and the policyholder agree on the car’s value, considering its condition, rarity, and the value of its spare parts and accessories. In case of a covered loss, the agreed value is the amount paid, ensuring that the total value of the car and its components is protected.
  • Coverage for Theft and Fire: Spare parts and accessories are not only at risk of damage; they can also be targets for theft or affected by fires. Classic car insurance covers these perils, providing the resources to replace or repair the components.

Kingston Insurance Agency LLC Can Help You

At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, we can help answer questions concerning classic car insurance. We serve the South Kingstown, RI area. Contact us today. 

Don’t Forget to Insure Your Recreational Equipment

If you use the equipment for the leisure activities you enjoy, do you have the insurance to replace them if they are ever lost, stolen, or damaged? To answer that question, examine your homeowner’s, renter’s, or recreational vehicle policy. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC our agents serve South Kingstown, RI and surrounding communities.  And we suggest that you find out what gear or equipment is covered and what your deductible is.

Examples of Equipment You May Want to Insure

The number of items you use in pursuing sports and recreational activities can be numerous. Just think of the number of personal items you carry or use when you go fishing, golfing, canoeing, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

Likewise, when driving your RV on a road trip, you have not only the above items but also the ancillary ones needed to power your recreational vehicle. Even if you travel light while biking the William C. O’Neill Bike Path, you wouldn’t want anything that happens to your bike to be a total loss. 

Consider This When Purchasing Insurance for Recreational Gear

And some of the items so essential to your happiness while at leisure are expensive. Even if they are named in an existing insurance policy, there may be a limit to the amount an insurer will pay to repair or replace them. You don’t want to be without insurance for pricey sports and recreational equipment. 

If you need coverage for those items, sometimes an endorsement for additional coverage can be put on your existing policy. At other times, our insurance agents will write a new policy. With their knowledge and experience, our experts can get you insurance for gear and equipment. Contact us today at the Kingston Insurance Agency LLC serving the South Kingstown, RI metroplex for all your insurance needs.