Why You Need Classic Car Insurance

A classic car is one that may have been built over 30 years ago. For most people who have such kinds of cars, it is most likely that they do not put them to use every single day. Sometimes, the owners may even use them at all, but they may be preserved for sentimental purposes.

Your basic auto insurance in South Kingstown, RI may not serve to cover your classic car, unless it is used as your primary vehicle. We at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC can provide you with specific coverage for your vintage ride. 

Here are some reasons why you need classic car insurance:


A classic car will likely have parts that need repair because it has been used for a long time. Part of the repair may involve purchasing spare parts for the vehicle. Classical car insurance will therefore cover the replacement of spare parts. The insurance will also cover costs that have been incurred in the event of any roadside damage,


A collision between your classic cars is likely to cause damage. The insurance will serve to cover the cost of any repair of damage that your car may have caused to another during an accident.


In the event that your car or property that may have been in the car is stolen, our classic car insurance will reimburse you.

Bodily hurt

When an accident occurs, people who may have been in the car are likely to get physically hurt. It is also possible that you may have hurt a pedestrian. Classical car insurance would give medical coverage for treatment that may not be covered by health insurance.

Get Coverage For Your Classic Car Today

Occurrences like accidents and physical harm to another party are covered by classic car insurance. If you are looking for this coverage in the greater South Kingstown, RI area, contact us at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC today.