Home Insurance FAQs

Protecting your home should be high on your list of priorities, but when most people think of protecting their home they think of physically protecting it with security systems. Your home protection should go much deeper than that. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, serving South Kingstown RI, we understand that real home protection starts with home insurance. Keep reading to learn more about this important way you can protect your home. 

Home Insurance FAQs

How Does Insurance Protect My Home?

Homeowner’s insurance does not physically protect your home from catastrophe, but what it does is protect your peace of mind. When you have proper home insurance in place, you know that you will always be able to provide a place for your family to call home. Even if your current home is damaged or lost, a solid homeowner’s policy will provide you with the funds to repair or replace your home. 

Is Home Insurance Required By Law?

In some regions, home insurance is required by law, but in most places, it is not. If your home is currently under the mortgage, you may be required by the mortgage company to provide home insurance. This protects the investment the mortgage company has made in the property. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Most policies are very similar, but you can get your homeowner’s policy customized if you need to. In general, a homeowner’s policy will provide coverage in the following areas:

  • Property Damage- If the home is damaged or lost, you will be paid a benefit amount to repair or replace your home. This coverage can also cover the value of personal belongings within the home or on the property. 
  • Liability- If someone is injured at your home, you could be held liable for their medical expenses. Liability coverage will pay for this. 

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