Three Reasons to Buy Boat Insurance

Rhode Island is a great place to live if you are a boating enthusiast! So you may need to speak to the helpful insurance agents at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC serving South Kingstown, RI about the reasons why you should have boat insurance. We’re breaking it down into simple terms. The 3Ls, to be precise.


Boat insurance is there to protect you financially from the hit you take if your boat becomes damaged or destroyed accidentally, is vandalized, or even stolen. Boating can be an expensive pastime, and that’s why it’s an excellent idea to invest in protecting your assets. You should always review the policy’s limits at the time of purchase and again annually for any changes.


While you are protecting your physical assets, boat insurance, if structured correctly, allows you to go one step further and provides financial assistance in the event of legal liability for accidental injury or loss of life on your boat or watercraft. We’re not saying that something like this will happen, but having liability insurance provides peace of mind that your policy will cover the medical bills if your friend or relative is in an accident on your boat.


If you are a boater, you may have a particular lifestyle, one that involves extensive time on rivers or lakes or even on the road searching for watery playgrounds. It means that your homeowner’s policy, which may provide a certain amount of protection, may not be enough. If structured correctly, having boat insurance offers peace of mind, knowing that you are covered no matter where you are or what you are doing with your boat.

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