Don’t Forget to Insure Your Recreational Equipment

If you use the equipment for the leisure activities you enjoy, do you have the insurance to replace them if they are ever lost, stolen, or damaged? To answer that question, examine your homeowner’s, renter’s, or recreational vehicle policy. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC our agents serve South Kingstown, RI and surrounding communities.  And we suggest that you find out what gear or equipment is covered and what your deductible is.

Examples of Equipment You May Want to Insure

The number of items you use in pursuing sports and recreational activities can be numerous. Just think of the number of personal items you carry or use when you go fishing, golfing, canoeing, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

Likewise, when driving your RV on a road trip, you have not only the above items but also the ancillary ones needed to power your recreational vehicle. Even if you travel light while biking the William C. O’Neill Bike Path, you wouldn’t want anything that happens to your bike to be a total loss. 

Consider This When Purchasing Insurance for Recreational Gear

And some of the items so essential to your happiness while at leisure are expensive. Even if they are named in an existing insurance policy, there may be a limit to the amount an insurer will pay to repair or replace them. You don’t want to be without insurance for pricey sports and recreational equipment. 

If you need coverage for those items, sometimes an endorsement for additional coverage can be put on your existing policy. At other times, our insurance agents will write a new policy. With their knowledge and experience, our experts can get you insurance for gear and equipment. Contact us today at the Kingston Insurance Agency LLC serving the South Kingstown, RI metroplex for all your insurance needs.