5 Questions About Condo Insurance

Are you considering buying a condominium – or do you already own one in and around South Kingstown, RI? If so, it is essential to understand how insurance protects you and your investment. According to Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, condo unit owners must understand how to fill the gap or spotty coverage created by the HOA’s master policy.

To better understand your potential risk as a condo unit owner, find the answers to these questions:            

What is the Insurance Deductible for the Homeowners Association?

The master insurance policy for the HOA provides essential coverage for the building and common areas. However, each unit owner will ultimately absorb their relative portion of the HOA’s deductible.

How Much Coverage is Appropriate for Your Unit Owner Policy?

Determine the personal property and/or unit upgrades you want to insure.

Should You Choose Cash-Value or Replacement-Cost Coverage?

After determining the amount of insurance you need, you must decide if you want a cash-value or a replacement-cost policy. The primary difference between these two options is that, for the cash value coverage, depreciation will reduce the amount of the claim, and replacement-cost coverage will not.  

Are the Contents and Structures Covered?

Condominium insurance coverage offers protection as follows –

  • Contents – jewelry and personal property, etc.
  • Structures – custom cabinetry, flooring, etc.

Is there Coverage for Flood Damage?

Flood insurance is optional unless the condo is in a flood zone. If the entire project is in a flood zone, it is more than likely that the HOA has a master policy. Unit owners can purchase flood insurance privately to cover the contents and structures.

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