Commercial Auto Insurance in Rhode Island

A commercial auto insurance policy applies to autos used or owned in your business. It covers damage liabilities caused by accidents involving your business autos and offers particular compensation to your business autos' occupants injured in accidents. As a business owner in South Kingstown, RI, you should consider purchasing commercial auto insurance from a reliable firm. Kingston Insurance Agency LLC guides you through the policies under commercial auto insurance.

Physical Damage Coverage

Types of physical damage coverage for motor vehicles are comprehensive, collision, and specified perils. Collision covers losses caused by the collision of a covered car with any substance or from the car overturning. Comprehensive is the broadest type of auto physical damage coverage. It covers losses caused by anything except overturns and collisions and some policy exclusions like wear and tear, acts of war, and mechanical breakdown. The policy covers floods, theft, fire, falling objects, explosions, glass breakage, earthquake, or colliding with wild animals or birds. Although specified perils cover many similar perils with comprehensive, it only covered specified perils.

Liability Coverage

Commercial auto liability insurance coverage is crucial for a business that uses autos in Rhode Island. It protects the firm against third-party claims that arise due to auto accidents. Claims due to vehicle accidents can cause large damages awards against a company. If a business doesn’t have sufficient liability insurance, it may fail to survive a lawsuit linked to an auto accident. A business can be liable for its vehicles or vehicles rented from an agency. It may also be accountable for accidents involving cars it doesn’t possess but uses in its functions. For instance, a worker-owned car that the employee uses for sales. Therefore, liability coverage is essential if you own a business in Rhode Island.

If you own a business in South Kingstown, RI, especially if the business uses autos, you need to purchase commercial auto insurance. Contact Kingston Insurance Agency LLC for tailor-made packages.