What’s included in my recreational insurance policy?

Every RV is more than a vehicle. As you travel, it’s also a home that comes in multiple sizes with various furnishings and amenities. Our team of insurance experts at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC believes your recreational insurance should be just as unique. Serving the greater South Kingstown, RI community, we can find a personalized policy that’s right for you.

Here are six coverage types to consider when purchasing recreational insurance:

Collision coverage

Just like an auto policy, collision coverage is a must. This protects against any damage resulting from a collision, no matter who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage

All other damage would fall under this category. Comprehensive coverage could include natural disasters or even theft. These will be listed as covered events in your policy.


Liability is another core component of almost any insurance policy. But unlike the previous items, this doesn’t cover the vehicle. Liability protects you from potential lawsuits or expenses related to bodily injury.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist protection

You have to worry about other motorists on the roadways too. If an incident occurs with another driver who has inadequate or deficient coverage, this protection has your back.

Personal Property

Most recreational insurance policies are similar to auto insurance. However, personal property protection is different. Like homeowners’ or renters’ plans, this focuses on your belongings. If something on the inside is destroyed or stolen, this kicks in to cover those costs.

Optional add-ons

No two policies are identical. Up your protection by adding countless available options, like roadside assistance. Your Kingston Insurance Agency LLC agent can make recommendations based on your usage.

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Your recreational insurance should be just as special as your RV itself. Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater South Kingstown, RI community, can craft you a personalized policy. Schedule an appointment today.