Builders Risk in Rhode Island

South Kingstown, RI is home to several construction contractors who head out to job sites daily. It is a responsible choice for contractors to purchase a policy to protect the business and maintain employment for their employees. With Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, you can access the builder's risk insurance policy you need today.

Protect Your Job Sites

Many construction contractors work on a job site daily and should have these areas insured in an accident. These accidents can cause significant damage, prolonging the current project and creating room for a lawsuit. With builder's risk insurance, you have the financial coverage you need as a contractor.

Know What Property Is Covered

Not all properties are the same, and this is true for insurance. Before you purchase a builder's risk insurance policy, you should know what types of properties are covered in that policy.

  • Foundations
  • Walls
  • Plumbing and Piping

This is just some of the property covered in a builder's risk insurance policy and replaced.

When Is the Loss Covered?

Any time the project is damaged due to an event out of your control, you can claim your builder's risk insurance policy. This includes inclement weather that caused significant damage, an accidental fire, or a theft/vandalism attack that was out of your control as the contractor. The coverage on your job site begins when the project starts and is under construction. The coverage will end when the project ends and is considered complete.

Protect Your Jobs Today

If you are a Rhode Island construction contractor in need of insurance, give our team at Kingston Insurance Agency LLC a call today for your personal quote and get your coverage started right away.