Kingston Insurance Agency’s Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Rhode Island

When motorcycle riders in the South Kingstown, RI region meet with Kingston Insurance Agency LLC representatives, they can find policies that best suit their personal needs. Unfortunately, some common pitfalls arise once it comes time to zero in on the proper policy. Thanks to the following guide, you can avoid them with ease!

Auto Insurance Policies Are Not Always Inclusive

Many riders will make the mistake of assuming that their current policy also offers coverage for their motorcycle. This is not always the case, especially if you have not taken the time to include specific language to this effect. In most instances, you will need to purchase separate policies for an automobile and a motorcycle. Ask the experts if any bundling options are available.

Borrowing a Motorcycle Could Lead to Calamity

Other riders may assume they are covered when they borrow a friend’s motorcycle. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If the bike is only insured in their name, you are not protected if an accident takes place. The same principle will typically apply if you make the mistake of lending your motorcycle to a friend who is not listed on your insurance policy.

Canceling Policies In The Winter Is Not Always Wise

Those who choose to cancel their policies once the weather turns are placing themselves at risk. While the same liability risks may not exist once the motorcycle is not being used regularly, that does not mean that the same off-road risks do not apply. In many instances, canceling a policy during the cold weather months is an avoidable mistake.

Motorcyclists in South Kingstown, RI, who have additional questions or concerns are welcome to visit Kingston Insurance Agency LLC as soon as possible. Contact our team of professionals so that we can help you understand the policy options that are currently available to you.