Why You Need Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is designed to help protect your condominium against all kinds of unknowns. It doesn’t matter where you live; condos are not immune to the risks associated with extreme weather, fire, or liability. There are many reasons why you need to purchase condo insurance in South Kingstown, RI, and three of those reasons are listed below. 

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The Condo Association’s Master Policy Does Not Protect You

Many believe that their condo association’s master insurance policy is enough to protect them against anything that can happen. However, this is not true. Condo association insurance protects damage and injuries in common areas. They do not protect against anything that can happen inside your unit. 

Liability Coverage

You want to make sure you are protected against anything that can happen in your unit. For example, if someone comes over and your dog bites that person, or they slip and fall in your kitchen, liability insurance coverage will pay for medical bills associated with the incidents and protect you in the event the other person sues you for damages. 

Loss of Use

Condominiums are connected to many other units, which puts you at greater risk of being forced to leave your dwelling because someone else caused a fire or water damage affecting your unit. If your unit is deemed unlivable, you and your property are covered under your insurance policy. Additionally, your insurance policy will pay for you to stay somewhere while your unit is repaired.  

Condo owners in South Kingstown, RI should reach out to their insurance agent today to ensure they have coverage for their unit. Those without insurance should call Kingston Insurance Agency LLC today to discuss condo insurance options.