3 Ways Flood Insurance Helps Protect You

Anywhere it can rain, it can potentially flood. Even if you’re not in a high-risk area for flooding, it may be worth looking into a flood insurance policy. At Kingston Insurance Agency LLC, serving the South Kingstown, RI area, we believe in being prepared. Flood insurance is a great way to help mitigate the damage and ease your financial burden in the event of a natural disaster.

Here are three ways that flood insurance can help keep you and your family protected:

1) Flood insurance protects the structure of your home

This includes the house and its foundations, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing systems, paneling, cabinets, attached bookcases, and even a detached garage, should you have one. This coverage helps ease the financial burden placed on homeowners to rebuild and assess any structural damage done to their homes in a flood.

2) Flood insurance considers replacement costs

Replacement cost is what it would take financially to rebuild a home in today’s dollars. Flood insurance takes this into consideration for a primary residence when assessing how much to pay, leaving you a good chance of getting close to if not all you need to help you through the period after the flood.

3) Flood insurance also has personal contents coverage

This covers personal effects such as clothing, electronics, furniture, freezers and the food in them, and even art (up to a specified limit).

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